Testimonials from revolutionized business owners!


Find out how entrepreneurs all over the country are using the all-in-one Enagic® machines to enrich their businesses - by serving healthy alkaline drinking water to their customers, sanitizing every surface with Strong Acidic Water, cooking with Kangen Water®, and more!

Gill's Diner

Fidel Mehmedi Owner of Gill's Diner, Machesney Park, IL

"I tried the water by cooking a beef stew; with one using tap water with spices and seasonings and the Kangen Water® using no spices or seasonings. The stew with Kangen Water® tasted better than the stew with tap water and my wife could not believe that I used only Kangen Water® for that stew.

As a restauranteur, as an owner of a business, as an entrepreneur, this SD501 - Japanese, remarkable water ionizer - has helped my restaurant business."

The Greek at the Harbor

Lynn Mikelatos Owner of The Greek at the Harbor, Ventura, CA

"Having the water in the restaurant is just amazing, and all the uses that we've created and learned by talking to other people and just what we've learned from home... It really saves you money and you're really doing a service to your customers and to your employees. I love the fact that our employees love the water. They're happier employees!

I think when you care about your customers and you care about their health they know that. It's good biz practice to give your customers the best water available, and that's definitely Kangen Water®."


Enzo DeMuro Owner of L'Opera, Long Beach, CA

"I was introduced to the Kangen Water® by my business partner. At first I was skeptical, but I tried it and the food tasted better. We clean the floors with it and the restaurant with it. The water affects the restaurant in every single phase of what we do, of all our operations.

It becomes part of routine, of what we do every day, what the chef does every day.

Here at L'Opera quality means everything to us and I really feel that Kangen Water® elevates the quality of what we do.”