Water - Whats wrong with it and how to fix it



Nothing is as important to life as water - our planet's most precious and vital resource. The innovative technology behind Enagic®'s uniquely powerful water ionization processes produces pure, great-tasting water without impurities and contaminants, complete with essential minerals that our bodies need.

Kangen Water® offers numerous advantages over tap and bottled water for your business, ranging from better taste to cleaner, more pure water for a wide variety of uses.


Problems with Tap Water

Tap water is the most commonly used source of water for most commercial operations in the United States. However, there are potential problems with this water source - problems that may not be readily apparent for many.

According to recent investigations, there have been 315 pollutants found in America's tap water since 2004 - and over half of these pollutants are completely unregulated and can legally exist in any amount.

Due to these highly suspicious concerns, tap water should not be a reliable source for commercial operations that use water for drinking, cooking, or a host of other applications.


Problems with Bottled Water

Many people, understanding the concerns present with tap water, turn to bottled water to presumably avoid contamination and bad taste. Unfortunately, bottled water is no cleaner or better tasting than tap water.

In fact, studies have shown that bottled water is virtually indistinguishable from tap water in purity or taste - and it costs, on average, 1,900 times as much. One study - from the National Resources Defense Council - found that 1/3rd of bottled water contained contaminants that exceeds allowable limits.

Perrier 3.4 +457 $3.87
Dasani 4.9 +521 $1.89
Aquafina 5.2 +542 $1.92
Kangen Water® 9.5 -470 $0.06**

*ORP is a measurement of the Oxidation Reduction Potential of a liquid. Positive numbers mean oxidizers, while negative numbers are anti-oxidizers. The bigger the negative number, the greater the antioxidant potential.

**Kangen Water® 9.5 from LeveLuk SD501 in Newport Beach, CA, March 2011


Problems with Reverse Osmosis Water

One attempt to deal with the uncertainty and potential problems with bottled water and tap water involves treating water with reverse osmosis water. This filtration device handles some of the contaminants, but strips away vital minerals that are present in the water.

About Kangen Water®


Enagic® is dedicated to true health - promoting health and wellness through pure, mineral-rich water that is ionized using our patented processes. Our main offering - Kangen Water® - is alkaline water that promotes wellness while hydrating bodies and offering numerous other benefits.

The five types of water produced by an Enagic® machine convert your ordinary tap water into purified water that performs a variety of functions according to your needs. Learn more about Enagic® and the benefits you can obtain by switching to Enagic® for your water needs.

Kangen Water® is not only crisp, pure, and refreshing, but it also contains healthy minerals that your body needs.

There is no reason, given the facts, why every business continues to use bottled or tap water and not Kangen Water®.

Discover the 5 types of water you could be using!

Enagic® - Change Your Water, Change Your Life!™

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